Monday, September 16, 2013

"Chamakay"- Blood Orange

In light of his production efforts on the ecstatic "Losing You", it's easy to see Blood Orange's Dev Hynes' new song "Chamakay" hiding in the shadow of the Solange track.  Waves of synthesizer wash up on the familiar shore, where tinges of mbira tiptoe across the sand. Even the video features Hynes in the exotic locale of Georgetown, Guyana endearingly auditioning his best R&B poses. An unflappable calm floats through the pair of songs, breathless in their approach. But that's where the similarities end. Solange's calm came as resolve in the face of the realization that the end was nearing. The clouds were overheard, though Solange could see through to the Sun on the other side. "Chamakay" spotlights the kind of calm that can only come with resignation. Hynes stumbles into the empty bass ravines of "Chamakay", caught up on the notion of giving leaving you empty. Charlift's Caroline Polacheck backup vocals linger long enough to stay in sight, only to disappear when the waiting game pushes closer. "Losing You" was a temporary layover, this is the final departure.

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