Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Ainome"- Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo's "Ainome" begins with what for all intents and purposes is the sound of a spaceship steadily humming through space. Not long into the flight, an emergent synthesizer opens up a portal into another dimension that swallows the steady hum. Carried further in, drums judder as a far-flung bass begins to pulsate like so many stars. Soon enough, the bass subsumes the song in the manner of a black-hole and all that can escape are those resilient drum strikes. In the final two minutes, the song pushes through to find its own stargate, populated with transcendent synth crawls. Past Laurel Halo efforts have been demarcated by noxious electronic sounds, though nothing here conveys an air of anxiety. The early unease of the trip is steadied by the pure joy of the journey.

Laurel Halo's A Chance of Rain is out 10/28 on Hyperdub.  


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