Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Paper Trails"- Darkside

Darkside's opaque "Paper Trails" sweats with seduction. The opening finger snaps and fidgeting twang guitar is the alluring siren call out onto the dancefloor, before the bass locks you into the groove. Then from some far off corner, a voice emerges arises out of the shadows. A voice that commands respect while secretly quaking with fear. Nicolas Jaar's voice trembles with every pitch-shifted turn of phrase as partner Dave Harrington steadies the guitar and descends into late-night juke-joint runs. Both halves simmer, never quite erupting into roaring flames, but constantly threatening. For now, the only fire is the one burning in their heads.

Psychic the debut double LP from Darkside is out October 8 through Nicolas Jaar's Other People label, in partnership with Matador


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