Friday, September 6, 2013

"No Games" ft. Future- Rick Ross

"No Games" is a perfectly apt title for a Rick Ross song. Anytime the Teflon Don takes to the menacing imperial churn of a track like "No Games", it has all the makings of a video-game villain laying waste to a hero's hometown. And this is Rick Ross ascendant to dizzying heights of villainy. "It's the takeover," he forewarns underneath the fevered Future hook. Ross practically chortles at the prospect of the competition being "foreclosed". If an unfortunate soul dare speak his name out of turn, killers will be dispatched. Before he was "blowin' money fast", here he's clocking Olympic times. Why invest in stocks when you can snatch up a 100-thousand dollar watch? He's not spraying rounds and popping bottles with evil intent, but out of his own benevolence. As Rozay himself says, "bow down to the biggest."

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