Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Banger (MOSHPIT)"- Schoolboy Q

Habits and Contradictions provided a near-perfect summation of Black Hippy Crew member Schoolboy Q's inherent personae on that LP. Q split the difference between the lurid and the lovely, between harmless stunting and reckless gangsta posturing. "Hands on the Wheel" he was joyously "too high to stand," by the lurching zombie of "Oxy Music" he became a tour-guide through a blood-stained narcotic scene where death lingered in the air. "Blessed" the self-confessed sinner dipped a toe into holy water, while the former "Sacrilegious" had him realizing he was doomed to "marinate in Satan's sweat". Hard-knocking new track "Banger (MOSHPIT)" fits into the unsanctified side of the equation; Q playing host to a party where bodies are left and no one says a word. Guitars quietly quiver and the bass rattles as Schoolboy Q rumbles with beasts and loads up the ammo. Even in these grey situations, Q notices the minor details, the "yellow tape by them candles" and how his shoelaces happen to match "the flannel". In Schoolboy's stark world it's often impossible to breathe, but there's always the occasional gulp of fresh air to be found. 

Schoolboy's third studio album and first major label release Oxymoron is set to drop sometime this year via Interscope/TDE, but there's still no official date. 


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