Monday, September 9, 2013

"Can't Sleep 2gether"- Miguel

You could be forgiven for thinking this latest entry into the sundry Adult Swim Singles Series was by anyone but the guy behind the giddy "Adorn". That song floated in light as a feather, with an open proposition "you just gotta let my love adorn you," Miguel sang in a tender croon. Any immediacy hinted at in the soaring chorus is pushed to the forefront by the malefic synth that opens up "Can't Sleep 2gether". "Can't sleep, can't sleep, let's can't sleep together" becomes the marching order. What risks turning lecherous by an "idle mind and dirty thoughts" is salvaged by the endearing minute details of staring hazy-eyed at "Fresh-Prince reruns" as they materialize into 3am texts reading "are you awake?" The intimate scene of his "insomniac" partner in his t-shirt resting just above her "strawberry thighs" wriggles through the constricting beat; finding the fresh night air. "Emancipate my mind" he comes close to begging in the first bridge. What began as a temporary fix is revealed as a search for the cure. This isn't about one night, but every night. 

Miguel's track will be available for download tomorrow at the Adult Swim Singles Series site.    


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