Monday, July 1, 2013

"Why Am I On This Cloud?"- Dan Deacon

Bone-crushing beats aren't exactly the type of thing you get every day from Dan Deacon, so when this cut from the Adult Swim Singles Series dropped; it was a bit of a head-scratcher. Past highlights like "Lots," "Snookered," and "Wham City," were more cling than pulverizing clang. Every jitter was indomitable joy that refused to be contained within the confines of song. When "Why Am I On This Cloud?" trembles, it's a death wobble with a cavalcade of tribal drums and snarls lowering it further into the ground. The track moves forward as a synth figure slithers through the fray. Soon the two stand toe-to-toe locking horns on the edge of a giant precipice, but neither emerges victorious. The counterparts in the same equation for the circle of life. Beauty only determined by the brutality from which it first emerges.

You can find the whole Adult Swim Singles Series that's been released so far here.

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