Monday, July 15, 2013

"Down Down the Deep River"- Okkervil River

As previously mentioned the hyper-literate Austin-based Okkervil River are prepping their next album, The Silver Gymnasium for release on September 3. As described by the band to NPR, the concept album will "tell the childhood tale of its lead singer and songwriter Will Sheff, a self-described awkward, nearsighted, asthmatic kid growing up the small town of Meriden, New Hampshire." The first cut off the record, "It Was My Season" was a piano-indebted affair haunted by the spirit of the past, when Atari's held sway and the days rushed by in one giant blur. New track "Down Down the Deep River" motors along with similar sense of purpose, this time aided by a synth, and attempts to chase all the meandering lines of life back to their starting points. Here Sheff recalls rising up from lakes "shivering cold" and long car-ride homes fueled by fatherly advice. "It's not alright, it's not even close to alright," Sheff sings with a tremble in the chorus. For all the forward momentum of youth, there's always a setback littering the path.  

Listen to the new cut here and again look for the new record on September 3.

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