Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Ex-To-See"- Jeremih

Following the warped R&B take "Bo Peep (Do You Right)" aided by Shlohmo's crawling drum machines and synths, Jeremih is back with another drug infused cut. The song may be a play on MDMA, though Jeremih lacks any of the energy or euphoria commonly associated with the drug. Jeremih's in classic loverman mode, creeping around at 6 in the morning and making the ascent to the Mile High club when the time is right. Despite all the concern for the carnal, the sliding synthesizer re-brands this as a never-ending mind game. By the end, Jeremih's posing questions to no one in particular, "am I out of my space, goin' down memory lane?" He claims to be in ecstasy, but the evidence says otherwise. 


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