Monday, September 30, 2013

"Money Ain't No Issue" ft. Future & Fabolous- Meek Mill

Bankrolled by the paper-printing Maybach Music "empire", Philadelphia flamethrower Meek Mill doesn't need to pay money any mind for the foreseeable future, though you'd never know it from the harried "Money Ain't No Issue". Appearing on the third installment of the Dreamchasers series, the cut careens out of the gate with a chaotic harpsichord sample that shatters when a hard-rock guitar chord stomps in and Mill commands "let's get this f****ng money". Mill dizzily moves from one spending spree to the next, parking in six-figure "whips" to pick up "red bottoms" and "Jordans". Future's typically sedate robotic vocals shift into hyperdrive here, "screwed up I ain't slowing down" he delivers while dropping a quarter mil on a new car. For his part, Fabo' plays the wizened veteran, use to the money and all the trappings it entails. "Mo money mo problems" Meek Mill raps, summoning the ghost of the guru on conspicuous spending. Right now, Milly's only problem is stopping to enjoy his earnings.

Dreamchasers 3 is available now for download at Datpiff

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