Thursday, September 19, 2013

"MC ILLIN"- Mondre M.A.N.

"MC ILLIN" doesn't boom out of the speakers in the mold of 80s bap tracks, it explodes like C4. Producer Al Jieh's thudding instrumental is a lead pipe clobbering you upside the head and abandoning you as Green Ova Undergrounds rapper Mondre M.A.N. snaps and stunts over your suddenly limp body. Mondre mines classic rap tropes for much of the shuddering track, he's on his hustle and can be found "cold illin" when the infective chorus hits. Amidst the craters the propulsive track creates, Mondre finds space for throwing shots back and bringing laughter to a room full of self-serious MCs. Even backed by the gargantuan beat, Monde can pinpoint minute details with eagle eyes, "the Mishka pea-coat cheesecake insides" and the hammer fitting snugly on your side. It's this deft attention to detail that makes Mondre wise beyond his years, or as the M.A.N. defines himself "I make a lot of plays, John Madden type veteran." 

"MC ILLIN" can be found on They Say I Struggle Rap, Mondre M.A.N.'s debut solo album, which is out November 12 via SWTBRDS.

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