Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Nosetalgia" ft. Kendrick Lamar- Pusha T

"I started out as a baby faced monster," Pusha T pointedly snarls atop off-kilter guitar riffs and plodding percussion on new track "Nosetalgia". The image is ideal for Pusha, since day one he's been journalistically detailing his involvement in the drug game and rather than finger-wag we're only drawn in further. Here Pusha's as alluring as ever, his self-appointed moniker "Black Ferris Bueller" sizzles like the minute steak he compares his crack to. The attention to minute details "a million megapixels of the Pyrex, started on the scale my only Timex", ensure Pusha grandmaster status in the drug-dealing chess game. 

While Pusha sees Starter jackets in two-tone and "an arm full of watches", Kendrick Lamar can only envision "dead bodies". K.Dot carries us through scenes of his Sega Genesis getting sold for crack money and his father weighing out nine ounces in front of him at age 10. Showing us the other side of the coin, Kendrick's verse recalls the stomach-churning moments on Breaking Bad when the poisonous harvest that Walter White sows is shown. "Quantum physics could never show the world I was in," Kendrick barks. He and Pusha are at two places at once, and they couldn't be any further apart. 

Pusha T's My Name Is My Name is out 10/8 via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam.  

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