Saturday, October 6, 2012

Solange- "Losing You"

The moment the beat on “Losing You” drops in from some distant planet, there is absolute ecstasy. A faint shout recalls a rapturous party, the pitter-pattering drumbeat is pure sugar, and the soft guitar strumming possesses a sweetness that’s undeniable. Then a buoyant synthesizer steps out, threatening to spoil the whole affair. “Tell me the truth boy, am I losing you for good?” Solange calmly inquires. Her own inquiry is quickly affirmed, coming to the realization, “clearly we are through.” Trying her best to swallow her pride and save face, she feigns a threat “I’m not the one you should be making your enemy.” She’s reached the point of no return, given everything she can with nothing to show for it. The bridge belies this desperation, as a gray haze drags the track into the ether. All this melancholy can’t be contained though, and the track is soon riding high again, as Solange finds her place in all this turmoil. It’s the aural equivalent of waiting out a storm, looking for the sunny day that’s just out of sight. 

"Losing You"

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