Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's New(s)?

The Dead Weather offer up a new single

Back in October, the Dead Weather announced they'd be releasing singles throughout 2014, in a run-up to a new album sometime in 2015. The first single, "Open Up (That's Enough)" backed by B-side "Rough Detective", were originally only available through Third Man Records' subscription service, but yesterday the first offering was released digitally for mass consumption. "Open Up (That's Enough)" continues to rock and shriek like a banshee, and the tough-as-nails "Rough Detective" fits right in. Mosshart and White trade-off wailing their vocals and every instrument collides together in a cacophonous "blues" explosion.

No word yet on when the next installment will be dropping, but when it does you'll be able to find it on the blog.


Morrissey planning a new album

Now that he's wrapped up plugging his Autobiography, Steven Patrick Morrissey can get back to doing what he does best (no not creating mini-controversies every other week), but releasing generally great music. According to Music Press, Morrissey has signed with a new label (Harvest Records) and is preparing to release a new record before 2014 ends.
Morrissey is set to begin recording for the LP, his first since 2009's Years of Refusal, later this month in Paris with his longtime backing band. And once recording wraps up, Moz and the band are hitting the road for a tour. Morrissey's last tour in 2013 was infamously sidelined by illnesses, so here's hoping fans will get the chance to see an illness free Morrissey in 2014 as he tours a new record. 
Until the album drops, enjoy Morrissey's sterling cover of the late Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love", recorded two years ago during a tour stop at the Chelsea Ballroom in Las Vegas.

Killer Mike: "Ghetto Gospel"

I haven't exactly hidden my love for Killer Mike's music on this blog. His 2013 partnering with new-found BFF El-P as Run the Jewels remains one of the most thrilling, breath-taking rap releases of the past several. But arguably the even greater product was 2012's R.A.P. Music. On R.A.P. Music, El-P manned the boards and Mike moved from discussing the importance of rap music in his life to posing "Reagan" conspiracies with the "elegance of a black elephant." 
One of the more tender moments on the up-to-11 album was the slithering "Ghetto Gospel", which found Mike desperately praying for help while wondering aloud if anyone is really listening. Now the sullen track has an accompanying video where Mr. Michael Render totes a Bible, attends a church-service, and wanders through some of the more downtrodden areas of his native Atlanta. The whole time he's struggling to find balance and desperately trying to get everyone on "one accord." 

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