Friday, January 24, 2014

"Nothing But Some Pain"- Young Thug & Bloody Jay

Consider this '99 MF Doom linking up with Kool Keith of the Dr. Octagonecologyst era. Alternatively imagine Cam'ron circa Purple Haze and Dedication 2 Weezy teaming up to free-associate a track into oblivion. Equate it to an ice-cream free Gucci Mane and the BasedGod blessing a beat in tandem. Whatever pairing you conjure just make sure it's two of-the-moment rap weirdos getting together, because that's exactly what "Nothing But Some Pain" is.

Granted one-half of the oddballs, Future, comes in disembodied sample form only. Still Future, slathered in Auto-tune and accompanied by a twinkling piano casts a ghostly pallor over the track. Where past efforts from the interplanetary R&B star would be ideal for booming out of your car on a sunny day, "Nothing But Some Pain" is a windows up late-night affair. And in that witching hour, fellow ATL-native Bloody Jay comes slithering forward. Jay stumbles all over himself in his verses, stopping at so many odd moments you'd think the thudding drum beat was the sound of Jay hitting concrete. "He's me...I'm Lee...and there's nothing bigger than the bee..." he pregnantly pauses in one uncomfortable stretch. The best way to scare someone in our static-laden society is to remain silent.

Young Thug and Bloody Jay's extremely replayable Black Portland mixtape is available for free now.


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