Thursday, January 9, 2014

"What's New(s)?"

The Knife announce plans to tour North America
Swedish sibling-duo The Knife's 2013 record Shaking the Habitual, was simultaneously one of the year's most politically vitriolic and danceable records. Now it seems the beat driven manifesto will be making its way stateside with the announcement that the pair will be touring North America around their set at this year's loaded Coachella festival.  

While the show will retain some elements of the elaborate European shows, the group is promising "tweaks", along with some new songs. Despite the alterations, the Anderssson siblings assure the show will be a "continuation" of the 2013 live endeavors. In a blog post, the band describes their intentions for the tour as such:

"Shaking the Habitual, the album, lays the groundwork for this show. Based on the artistic and political ideas therein, we play with the expectations and question habits of the concert, the dance performance, the club and the music festival. Working within a highly commercial, professionalised and male-dominated music industry, we strive to twist and strangle hierarchies to find other ways of organizing work and its conditions. Disrespecting borders between digital and analogue, fake and real, professional and dilettante, star and cast, experimental acts and glamorous shows, nature and culture, audience and artist, blood family and chosen family, dance and action, a Buchla and bongo and the sound of a hit and a kiss."

No dates have been announced yet, so while you wait enjoy a video for the static-ridden "Full of Fire".

Chvrches cover Janelle Monáe's "Tightrope"

Janelle Monáe's "Tightrope" from the epic ArchAndroid remains one of my favorite songs of this decade. A live-wire crisscrossing of clamoring percussion, stuttering vocals, sweltering horns, and an impeccable Big Boi guest verse; the track is pure energy. Put it on, and there's a high-probability you'll be dancing along.

Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches minimalist rework of the tune, performed for Billboard's "Women in Music" event, won't have you dancing along, but slowly nodding. Instead of "getting to high", this one goes incredibly low. Singer Lauren Mayberry wistfully floats atop mechanical drum hits and slow waves of synthesizer, exposing what happens when someone's dead-set on "taking away your dreams." Despite the rueful take,
Monáe (who was in attendance) was dancing and singing right along. It's hard to stop "getting funky" no matter what form it comes in.

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