Friday, January 31, 2014

"Get Down" ft. Gucci Mane- Migos

Migos wouldn't exist without ATL's ultimate weirdo Gucci Mane. There's no other way to parse it. The dark, slinky (read cheap) beats they routinely pulverize were perfected by Gucci and frequent collaborator Zaytoven years ago. A line like "keep f***ing with me n**** they find you in the river somewhere in Chattanooga, Tennessee" is the sort of specific threat Guwop could rattle off without raising his voice.

So hearing two of Atlanta's best-known entities together again on a track is an incredible treat. While Migos' flamethrowing threatens Gucci's cool persona on the Gothic wobble of "Get Down", he never melts under the pressure. Somehow between flipping off the prosecution and warning local rappers "I'll put you on the local news" Gucci has the time to "snatch all the clothes out the mall like the looters do." Consider that. The man doesn't have closets full of clothes, he's got entire malls he can lay claim to. It's wise for Migos to slot Gucci second in the lineup, because his magnitude anchors everyone on the track. The promise to "hit 'em with guns made from Germany" would be out of place without Gucci's bizarre table-setting. And more than an anchor, Gucci acts as inspiration. Migos' monosyllabic intensity is turned to 11 here; every barked line could leave them hoarse. Even when Gucci Mane's kicking back, he gets others to stand at full attention.

"Get Down" will be featured on a forthcoming Gangsta Grillz compilation entitled Solid Foundation and Migos currently have Y.R.N. 2 coming down the pipeline at any time now. Gucci Mane continues to await sentencing on federal gun charges, which could net him up to 20 years in prison.

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