Friday, February 14, 2014

What's New(s)?

Beck working with Pharrell

At this point, I'm convinced that Pharrell Williams is a robot. There's no other conceivable explanation as to how one man could hold up to such an endless workload. Last week he popped up on the monstrous posse cut "Move That Dope". Two-and-a-half weeks before he was snatching up Grammys and rocking a hat that would make Dudley Do Right envious. Last year, he crafted a 24-hour music video and managed turns on two of the biggest hooks of the summer ("Feds Watching" should've been a clear-cut third). And somewhere in there, he was caught up in the midst of Clipse rumors that appear not to be true.

So why not work with Beck? The indie-chameleon has a new album coming out February 25th entitled Morning Phase, but that's just one of two albums he's been promising for 2014. Now according to a recent interview with Billboard, Beck's detailing that the omnipresent Pharrell will be involved with the other project along with "other high-profile collaborators."

There's no details on that album yet, other than a tentative 2014 release. But as previously mentioned, Morning Phase is out February 25th through Capitol.

"Blue Moon"

"Drunken Love" remix

It seems blasphemous to ask how BeyoncĂ©'s soaring "Drunk in Love" could become anymore captivating, but producer Noel "Detail" Fisher had the bravery to. At Complex, he debuted his official remix of the song, appropriately entitled "Drunken Love". And while the original was chugging down thunderous drums and bass, the remix gingerly sips on orchestral flourishes and floating choral vocals. Bey's voice doesn't soar now, it seemingly glides; curlicuing into every line. And Jay's verse, which felt shoehorned into the original, is far less harried her and better for it. If "Drunk in Love" was a full-on body-rush, this is the heady feeling that comes later. 

You can hear the song below and check out of video of Detail describing both the original and the bold reworking here.

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