Friday, February 14, 2014

"No More"- Shlomo & Jeremih


Bass-music producer Shlomo has a free-pass to work with any R&B singer he'd like. "Don't Say No", the centerpiece of his breakout 2013 EP Laid Out spotlighted How to Dress Well's perpetually aching vocals up against a skittering background. Banks' seductive croon became even more exotic after her pairing with Shlomo's "tropical boom" on last month's "Brain". For such decidedly non-human soundscapes, he's able to ring out absolute pathos from his collaborator. Effectually, he's indie-R&B's "Horse Whisperer".

And over the course of the last year, there's no one's ear he's had more than Chicago's Jeremih. Already in the midst of a career-transformation with 2012's sorely underappreciated Late Nights with Jeremih, he completed the metamorphosis with the quiet storm of last summer's "Bo Peep (Do You Right)". That piece of airy bleeps and slow gurgles already seems staid though as soon as you hit play on "No More". Leaping out of the gate with scraping electronic sounds, "No More" writhes with trap-rap ticks and palpitating bass drops. Jeremih is similarly jittery, repeatedly wailing in his falsetto "I don't want to wait." "All I want is you now and later" he confesses at another turn; concealing agitation. By the end he descends into ghostly Auto-tune and everything is obscured. Waiting games are only "fun" for so long. 

"No More" is the first taste of a new, as-of-now-untitled EP Shlomo and Jeremih have partnered up for. You can download the track through NPR and look for the EP out through

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