Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Luna"- Fear of Men

"I've tried my best to destroy you," isn't the sort of sentiment you'd expect to anchor a slice of sun-drenched dream-pop, but then again putting a calcified dog on your cover isn't a move for the masses either. That's the sphere U.K. trio Fear of Men occupies on "Luna", the latest track off of their forthcoming debut Loom. Electric guitar fizzles and fuzzes in an updated Byrds fashion, but the dark bass traipsing in the background is indebted more to Joy Division than jangle-pop. In one light, Jess Weiss' tone is joyous. Hit a dimmer though and those cries of joy become inexorable sighs. Even the mid-song break into "oohs" casts a ghostly pallor. Addled by feedback they call to mind Grouper's crushing "Cover the Long Way", an artist you should avoid summoning if your goal is "sunny." "Reality cannot abandon me, it's painful" Weiss coos in a critical turn. "Luna"s discord comes from being forced to stay awake when all you want to do is dream.

Loom is out April 8th through Kanine Records.

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