Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Baby"- Saint Pepsi

When I was first finding my way into music, I'll admit I treated electronic music with total derision. To me, there was no truth to be found in it. There were no lyrical takeaways to apply to your life. No great turns-of-phrase you could instantly quote. In my mind, the entire genre was little more than a series of cold, isolated bleeps and bloops. It was all 1's and 0's and I could've cared less about numbers.

Had I not already strayed from this line of thinking, a track like Saint Pepsi's "Baby" would've hastened my conversion. One tag given to his music is the somewhat curious "Mario Kart Dream Trap", which makes sense once you hear the booming drums laid atop impulsive keys. If Waka Flocka Flame wanted to detox while cruising through the Rainbow Road this is what he'd put on. But "Baby" has far more humanity than that genre tag would suggest. Undergirding the track is a warm synthesizer and opulent piano dots the landscape of the track. On multiple occasions disembodied voice swells up from the floor to moan and sigh. Seemingly all of the lyrics are obscured, but the meaning is understood. There is a longing here that can't be contained. A ravenous desire masquerading as tender. Somewhere in there, I recall the times my own heart wanted to leap out of my chest as I desperately tried to calm myself. So much for a few "bleeps and bloops."

Saint Pepsi's album Gin City is slated to drop next week through his Bandcamp page.

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