Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Capitol"- Trust

Can something soar while still remaining grounded? Listening to Trust's beguiling new "club" track "Capitol" that was the central question I had before it even ended. Innumerable songs feature "the big hook", where everything comes into crystal-clear focus. But most of those offerings start off with open eyes. When Coldplay aims skyward, we're aware of their starting point. That couldn't be any less true of "Capitol". Robert Alfons' voice drones and obscures critical lines during the shadowy verses. He bellows "hold", but the target object is out-of-sight. 

Eventually, the track explodes into microfragments of warm synthesizers and cataclysmic drum strikes. That explosion propels one of the great choruses of the year so far, where Alfons' burble turns to croak and lyrics come into focus. "You're out on the road now, you're flat on back" he warns with great foresight. Any life you choose, whether it be the: club life, music life, business life, etc; will knock you flat on your back. There's no escaping it, setbacks and falling down are an inevitability. And somehow with that inevitability, there are those like Alfon who aren't afraid to reach up no matter how far down they are.

Joyland arrives March 4 via Arts & Crafts.


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