Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Lookin Ass N****"- Nicki Minaj

Bring as many "whoas" as you want to this one, it won't be enough. "Lookin Ass N****" from the forthcoming Young Money comp Rise of an Empire is dynasty-building on its own accord. There's no cornball appearance courtesy of  Lil Wayne or heart-on-the-sleeve confessional from Drake to prop it up. 2 Chainz doesn't show and there's no infectious hook beamed in from outer-space. It's just Nicki Minaj rapping, unspooling from a tight coil one line at a time.

And rap she does. Detail's airy beat which constitutes a hiccuping vocal and trilling guitar gives Minaj plenty of room to stomp through in spiked heels. "Bunch of non-Mogul ass n****s" she chirps over a faded drum sound. No one can avoid her ire on this one. Rocking a borrowed gold chain? You have no game. Spending just to show off? You're gonna leave solo for the night. "Fake dope dealers be warned." If you pretend to be Scarface, when you can't afford a couch, you're going to get found out. Stop and stare at her butt; it'll be the last thing you do. Some of Minaj's "punchlines" here don't even rise above schoolyard taunting. That said they don't have to. They're delivered with such hyper-focus that they hit just as hard. Pretenders to the crown be warned, the queen is back.

"Lookin Ass N****" is slated to appear on the aforementioned Rise of an Empire, the sort of sequel to 2009's We Are Young Money. But it may also be appearing on Minaj's third LP The Pink Print, due out some time in 2014. And if you haven't seen the "male-gaze annihilating" video, right that wrong immediately.

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