Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"DWN4U/JEEPS"- BC Kingdom

After several spins, I still don't think I can process BC Kingdom's new bifurcated single "DWN4U/JEEPS". There's the turn from modernist R&B touches (mechanical clapping and restrained synthesizer) to late 90s muted vocals promising to "fly you out to the West Indies."  And as frustrating as a clear lack of chronology is, the group's refusal to pick a tone is equally infuriating. They promise to "be down for you" then turn around to exalt "freaking". When taken together, you'd think the pledge was another attempt to score.

Something about "DWN4U/JEEPS" does lend the tune an unmistakable earnestness though. Anybody trying to play it cool wouldn't go all zoological and swear they'd run "faster than a cheetah" if called upon. Then there's the confessional in the "JEEPS" portion of feeling "tired", a condition no hyper-masculine male would claim. And last time I checked steel drums aren't on a shortlist of en vogue instruments. But the biggest tip-off BC Kingdom's being honest arrives early in "DWN4U". "I can love you 'til the end, if you stay with me my friend" is the unvarnished sentiment. Not: girl, lady, woman, or any number of non-familiar phrases, but friend. That one word alone ensures that no matter what BC Kingdom are aiming for; it isn't for one night only.

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