Friday, October 11, 2013


New single "Yu" by Odd Future enclave MellowHigh is the definition of effervescent. A looping piano part is constantly turning figure 8's, while a blunted drum beat remains animated throughout the track. Domo Genesis delivers a bubbly hook smoking until his "eyes bleed". Clouds of smoke coat Domo's cursory verse, however he pushes past to "kick knowledge" and "make the most of what this bulls*** world allotted us." It's a clear role reversal from the bluster of "Look", sparking lighters instead of starting beef. Hodgy continues as his typical cocksure self. In Hodgy's mind the hip-hop community is caught in his gravitational pull though the occasional piece of paranoia still enters his orbit. Gun-talk emerges in the chestpuffing bridge but Hodgy delivers it with the calm of a captain. "Decision making reliably, taking over society", he encapsulates. It's a breezy takeover that stays under the three-minute mark.

MellowHigh's self-titled debut LP is out October 31.


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