Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Look"- Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, & Earl Sweatshirt

"Look" announces itself in "typical" Odd Future fashion, Tyler delivering "it's the f****ng aaahhh" in his guttural yell before the beat screeches to a halt and he sarcastically promises to "tone it down". The screen comes down and the initial scene has been broadcast before. Tyler's "pissing inside your swimming pool", rocking paint jobs "flatter than Miley Cyrus' ass", and moonlighting as "the blackface of white America". Hodgy Beats doubles down on the oddly familiar over the precise drum strikes, copping to being "mentally crowded" and "spilling more than I drink". 

Then Domo Genesis enters the arena and the reset button may as well be hit for a second time. Since his Under the Influence release, I've been fervently insisting Domo is on a steady ascension to the upper echelon in the OF crew and "Look" continues the climb. Domo's long been pigeonholed as the resident "weed rapper", but here he's surprisingly sober rattling off the opener "live from the gutter, young stunner, trumps what you n****s blundered, I uppercut by the bundle, n**** take a number," with devastating dexterity. He's out for blood and Earl's lusting for it in the finale. Earl's unnerving calm disappears in the fog of the glitchy backbeat as he opts to "chalk out n****s". The minor details of a Sweatshirt verse continue to deliver major damage, in this case the close-up image of his "thumb sticking to that pump grip". "Sticking to the script" is a misnomer; they're rewriting their own mythology one page at a time.

The debut MellowHigh album (Hodgy, Domo, and Left Brain) is being teased for a Halloween release, no word yet if "Look" will make the final cut.

 I'm 'bout my butter, never let them suckers te me under  

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