Friday, October 4, 2013

"This Lonely Morning"- Best Coast

Best Coast's scenic 2012 release The Only Place was focused on "forever" and how we ultimately spend our lives in between the lines and margins. We can hit the beach and catch a wave as "The Only Place" suggested or reach for the refuge of the bottle as "Last Year" proposed. New track "This Lonely Morning" spends it's time in waiting. Lead-singer Bethany Cosentino has described the upcoming EP Fade Away as "kind of it you took Crazy for You and the Only Place and created a baby out of them." Musically "This Lonely Morning" barrels down the middle of the pipeline, but the lyrics dial-in the approach of The Only Place. "I wait for you to call, but sometimes you don't call at all," Cosentino half-snarls over a 1-2 drum beat and jagged power-chord guitar part. Cosentino continues in the second verse, "the haze is on my mind, I'm running from myself this time" as the drums and guitars ramble on. She's bearing the brunt of "this lonely morning" before questioning why these thoughts are a recurring theme and why no matter who she's running from she can't escape. "These feelings never change" Cosentino bellows over the raucous bridge. "This Lonely Morning" may be focused on a moment, but it feels like forever.
Fade Away is available on 10/22 through Cosentino’s Jewel City imprint and you can listen to "This Lonely Morning" here.

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