Friday, October 4, 2013

What's New(s)?

Fiona Apple debuts new song

In the midst of her set last night at Portland's Newmark Theatre Fiona Apple was heckled by an unruly fan who derisively yelled "get healthy we want to see you in 10 years!" to which Apple retorted "I am healthy." Emboldened by the initial heckler, another audience member chimed in "you're a has-been." Apple's touring partner for the Idler Wheel tour Blake Mills came on stage as a distraught Apple asked for the house lights to come up and for the initial heckler to be removed. The house lights eventually went back as the band delivered the brief encore "Better Than Fine". An understandably upset Apple then apologized for the events of the evening declaring it "an historically stupid night."

Amidst all the chaos, Apple and company found time to deliver two new songs to the audience including the stunning piano ballad "I Want You to Love Me". Apple's vocals on the new track are less fragmented than much of the evocative Idler Wheel..., carrying an air of wistfulness as the piano jaunts along to a jagged guitar conclusion.  Ultimately, it's an unfortunate circumstance that such a beautiful song arose out of such an ugly situation.


Yo La Tengo release new track

Yo La Tengo's lush 2013 record Fade will soon be seeing the deluxe treatment and part of that effort involves the unveiling of the previously unreleased "Super Kiwi". Taking immediate flight with feedback and distortion, "Super Kiwi" gallops along on Georgia Hubley's unwavering drums while Ira Kaplan's vocals fight to rise above it all. The trio has plans to release the fuzz-laden cut on a 7" next month, which will be backed by a cover of the Beach Boys' "A Day in the Life of a Tree". 

Listen to the new track here, and look for the "Super Kiwi" 7" to drop 11/5 and the Fade reissue to be released 11/19, both via Matador.

Check back in Monday for more of the newest in new(s).

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