Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Bad Weather"- Starwalker

We still don't know much about the mysterious Starwalker project, other than the fact that it's a collaboration between Air's Jean-BenoƮt Duncke and Bardi Johansson, the driving force behind Icelandic band Bang Gang. There's no official release date for their as-of-now untitled debut EP, and the only audio is the five minutes of downcast electronic-pop provided by "Bad Weather". "Bad Weather" begins with a foreboding burble before Johansson's wistful voice temporarily parts the cloudy synth. A stark contrast continues in the lyrics, where Johansson resolves to be both the angel and the devil "in your eyes". Handclaps underscore the song, but suggest strife instead of assurance as sad clouds rain on Johansson's heart. Soon Johansson is swallowed up by a self-contained storm of piano chords and blaring electronic airhorn, his muted vocals attempt escape but soon embrace the inevitable. "Bad Weather" is a song resigned to the rain, staying in the shadows while longing for the light.

Starwalker's EP will be available through Prototype Recording, though as previously mentioned there's still no release date.


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