Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Catch a Box"- Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane's new cut "Catch a Box" has everything you'd want from a Gucci track: a dark slinky beat, an infectious marble-mouthed chorus consisting of little more than the title, Guwop's seemingly stream-of-conscious rapping where he's "Captain Caveman", but not a "slave man." Often the case with Gucci, the track begins with what registers as a spaceship revving up and blasting off into space, a perfect counterpart to Gucci Mane's otherworldly raps. Castigating Gucci tracks as dumb drug-addled ramblings is easy, but misses the point. Most rappers would never think to compare themselves to Liberace; here Gucci's got as many diamond rings dangling from his fingers as the flamboyant piano player. Elsewhere, he takes on the guise of "Gargamel with a thinly smirk", in the pantheon of rappers fancying themselves villains this is as common a comparison as being the rap Nick Nitro. Still his impeccable eye for color continues to be his strong suit, comparing a woman's skin color to "Jack Daniels" and beaming at the black magnum he keeps for an insurance policy. Midway through the marauding track he name-checks "Ponce de Leon", proving that like the Beastie Boys once said of the explorer himself he's "constantly on".


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