Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's New(s)?

James Blake remixes Drake


Anyone who worried the 2011 mash-up James Drake was just a lark, can now rest easy knowing that Blake (a recent performer at Drake's OVO Fest) has remixed the Toronto-rapper. The original "Come Thru" rode a steady clap and unobtrusive synth through memories of sleeping on basement floors. In the outro, Drake settled on the accusatory "where have you been tonight?" his tender crooning barely concealing a hint of contempt. 

Blake's remix gives the claps a greater crispiness and his fluttering electronic accoutrements provide a sense of paranoia found nowhere on the original. Here "girl you got that thing" goes from misplaced compliment to borderline predatory. If nothing else, the remix proves Drake's lingering "nice-guy" personae is as much a product of the music as anything. 

James Blake's been having an excellent year with rapper collaborations and you can see his still great teaming with Chicago spitballer Chance the Rapper here


Action Bronson announces Blue Chips 2

Action Bronson & Party Supplies anything goes Blue Chips mixtape was one of the best releases of 2012, and now that YouTube ripping, Ken Caminiti namechecking, everything but the kitchen sink approach continues in 2013. The heavily-anticipated Blue Chips 2 drops November 1 through Vice/Atlantic and like the first installment is 100% free. First-cut "Practice" borrows Allen Iverson's infamous "we talking about practice?" clip and lets the eternal braggart Bronson cross-over the competition with every rhyme. Check out the song and tracklist below, and head here for the insane promo trailer which features a mafioso Bronson in 1995 barking threats at Patrick Ewing.   

1. "Silverado"  
2. "Intro" ft. Big Body Bes
3. "Pepe Lopez"  
4. "The Don's Cheek"
5. "It Concerns Me"  

6. "Practice"  
7. "Jackson & Travolta" ft. Meyhem Lauren  
8. "Through The Eyes Of A G" ft. Ab-Soul  
9. "Contemporary Man"
10. "Twin Peugots" ft. Big Body Bes & Mac Miller
11. "Man & The Mirror"
12. "Midget Cough"
13. "It's Me"
14. "Flip Ya" ft. Retchy P
15. "9.24.13" ft. Big Body Bes
16. "Rolling Thunder" 

17. "Amadu Diablo"
18. "In The City" ft. Jeff Woods
19. "I Adore You"

Sufjan Stevens shares home recording

Lately when he's not offering Miley Cyrus free grammar lessons, Sufjan Stevens has been on a bit of a giving streak, proving his generosity extends past the holiday season. This latest freebie, entitled "Jamila" was recorded in 1998 (by Stevens recollection) on a four-track recorder for Stevens' sister, nearly two years before his debut A Sun Came dropped. Stevens motivation for releasing the homespun track so far removed from recording? To wish his sister a belated happy birthday of course.

Check back in tomorrow for more of the newest in new(s).

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