Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Beautiful"- A.G. Cook

At this point I'll admit to a near obsession with the ever-expanding, England originated PC Music crew. For me, "leader" Hannah Diamond's "Attachment" ranks as one of the year's best breakup pop songs. Compatriots the Lipgloss Twins' "Wannabe" continues to boggle my mind and is a chaotic effort on par with punk-rap anarchists Death Grips. Even recent additions to the group like Brooklyn producer Maxo lay claim to synth mashers that release waves of endorphins in my brains. Right now "too much of a good thing" is utterly impossible.

Today's appearance of A.G. Cook's "Beautiful" only ensures that the good times keep on rolling. I'm not big on the inevitable "synth storm" that overwhelms so many dance minded tracks, but the way it’s used on "Beautiful" is splendidly unobtrusive. Instead of acting as the linchpin of the entire track, those rapid fire synthesizers guide "Beautiful" to rousing handclaps, shifting bass, and what registers as xylophone chatter. They never blot out the sentiment Cook expresses on the track either, "baby when you look at me you that I'll be here forever, baby when I look at you I know that will be here together." Delivered in a Chipmunk effect, that emotional candor rings as loud and as clear as anything on "Beautiful". Plenty of dance artists don't mind blurring stray elements together, with "Beautiful" Cook is considerate to let you hear everything.

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