Friday, June 6, 2014

"Hella H***"- A$AP Mob

Phrases like "controlled chaos" or "measured urgency" are some of the only ways I can describe certain efforts by A$AP Mob members Rocky and Ferg. On the cuts "Wild for the Night" and "Shabba Ranks" they're incredibly collected, but there's always a certain agitation in their voice that suggests they could fly off the handle once their verse ends. They've got a finite amount of time and if you dare ask them to repeat themselves, you're guaranteed to end up with a knot on your forehead. 

"Hella H***", the first taste of the long-delayed L.O.R.D. album, continues the trend. Aided by A$AP role players Nast and Twelvyy, and a booming music box beat from Nyrell OC, Ferg and Rocky team up to unravel a laundry list of recent acquisitions and beefs . Through diamond imprinted teeth and adapted patois, Ferg details dusting off Versace and sending people to their new home at the bottom of a lake. Even at his menacing high, Ferg still manages terrific jokes like "open your chest like your Janet Jackson". As the gunshots die down after Ferg's rapid-fire verse, Rocky engages in some gun play of his own. "Pretty mothaf****" that he is, he has to keep himself protected at all times, so he's "loading up the clip" and keeping a finger firmly on the trigger. If this sounds a bit lurid, it is. But "Hella H***" is delivered in such an unflappably cool tone, it's hard not to listen.

L.O.R.D. still doesn't have any release date, but as soon as it does you'll find news on it here.

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