Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Little Mouth"- Los Campesinos!

"Sedate" isn't exactly what you expect or maybe even want from manic indie pop band Los Campesinos!, but it's precisely what you get on "Little Mouth", their cantering effort for the upcoming film Benny & Jolene. Featuring Craig Roberts (of Submarine) and Fresh Meat's Charlotte Ritchie, the movie concerns a young indie folk duo struggling to become the next big sensation. 

Seen in that light Los Campesinos!'s contribution to the film, which opens tomorrow in select cities, starts to make more sense. Though "hyper-literate" may be a faulty word to use in this scenario, Kim Campesinos' need to make up the distance between her and a significant other is its own struggle. Each hour away feels "more like two." Robbed of a physical presence she lingers on details of nearly dry spit settling in a flower bed and specks of dirt still clinging to rough hands. When you no longer have someone you care about around, any shred of their existence is accepted. Melodically whispered over a panoply of: gentle guitar strumming, inconspicuous piano trilling, and nibbling percussion, Campesinos' problem is one that's crushingly personal, but instantly relatable. In that sense "Little Mouth" is a welcome fit into Los Campesinos!'s glum, but steadily maturing catalog.

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