Friday, June 20, 2014

"Every Square Inch" ft. Qrion- Ryan Hemsworth

"This song is not about kissing or anything like that," those are the only words electronic/dance/cloud-rap producer Ryan Hemsworth has to offer on Soundcloud about his wonderfully airy new instrumental "Every Square Inch". In terms of descriptions, the one crafted by the Halifax, Nova Scotia native may contain one of the more bald-faces lies in music in 2014. Hearing Qrion's aching wordless vocals paired with Hemsworth's sprite-like effects, a romantic tingle will inevitably creep up your spine. 

There's just too much abounding joy in "Every Square Inch", too many bright keyboard sparkles and carbonated drum machine fizzes to avoid the "warm tingly feeling." Listening to the song on repeat while I write this review, I can't keep from grinning. A smile spreads across my face and stays put. "Every Square Inch" is the sort of track you'd hear inspiring a character to profess their love to someone in an indie rom-com. As it grows slightly more propulsive, their heart beat quickens. And whenever they're done speaking, there's a gradually picked guitar to greet them. Vaguely reminiscent of the Microphones' "I Want Wind to Blow", the guitar becomes a cloud to rest on as you float down. Of course with such excitement, it's hard to fall very far.

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