Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Great Equator"- Zammuto

Seeing the cover for former Books singer Nick Zammuto's second LP Anchor and hearing lead single "Great Equator", there isn't much of a disparity. While cuts from his first LP Zammuto were fluorescent and full of vitality, "Great Equator" is drab and moves at a beautifully glacial pace. So much so that if the above image of a snowlocked cabin didn't exist, the listener would invent it anyway.

Not that speed is the sole thing separating "Great Equator" from some of Zammuto's past highlights. The 8-bit synthesizer featured on the effort doesn't fill up the landscape, but dots the outer edges. Every bleep or bloop is like a featherweight shoe-print encircling the humming guitar and rippling effects that fill up the center. Each rumble is the "bad vibration" Zammuto faintly sings of, "shaking coins across the table." Which is precisely the kind of cryptic imagery on display in "Great Equator". Gravity is "a theory in need of some revisions" and Zammuto fails in his attempt to hold life's massive reins with "paper hands." It's easy to speculate he's eulogizing the end of a romance with the opener "oh my love, it's been more than fun," but he could just be acknowledging past highlights. Similar to the music's bio-mechanical pacing, Zammuto's words have the air of humanity without its messiest emotions.

Anchor drops September 2 through Temporary Residence and you can find the tracklist below.

1. "Good Graces"
2. "Great Equator"
3. "Hegemony"
4. "Henry Lee" (Trad.)
5. "Need Some Sun"
6. "Don’t Be a Tool"
7. "Electric Ant"
8. "IO"
9. "Stop Counting"
10. "Sinker"
11. "Your Time"

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