Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Wannabe"- Lipgloss Twins

Almost two weeks ago, I wrote about Hannah Diamond's glimmering piece of indie pop "Attachment". For all of the emotional writhing, the break-up track was so strong because it knew exactly where it wanted to go. Even if she was stuck in a relational valley of darkness you got the sense that Diamond could see a faint glimmer of light and was following it as best she could.

Hearing "Wannabe" an effort from her PC Music compatriots Lipgloss Twins, I'm not sure what to follow or where to go. The Lipgloss Twins don't seem to know either. In the song's scant two minutes, the electronic-tinged group throws everything against the wall just for the hell of seeing what sticks. Drum machine claps jacked from Big Sean, why not? Sounds of a balloon steadily deflating? Sure. Inebriated drums falling over themselves are on the guest list as well. Genial synthesizer is incorporated to bring some sense of calm amidst the chaos. If not for that bit of relief, the group would be the electro-pop facsimile of Death Grips. Both thrive on kitchen-sink approaches to their art and neither is content until they've shoved in every last puzzle piece. That leisurely moving synth makes all the difference though. It gives the Lipgloss Twins, who unlike Death Grips are entirely of this world, time to relax and stop worrying about fitting in with the fakes. But the ease can’t last forever and soon enough their back out, spinning every which way to find direction.

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