Friday, May 23, 2014

"Stigmata" ft. Action Bronson & Asaad- Ab-Soul

Black Hippy Crew's chronic over thinker Ab-Soul hasn't exactly been shy about voicing his displeasure over the lack of a release date for his third LP These Days... And given the strength of past tracks "Dub-Sac" and "Tree of Life" that dissatisfaction is entirely deserved. But things have been rapidly changing in the last week or so with TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith letting fans pick the record release date and Soul's issuing of the warped "Stigmata" late yesterday. 

"Shadowy" was the word I used to describe the beat for "Tree of Life", but it seems more appropriate for "Stigmata". Rahki's production is so lurching and ashen that the only way you'd even notice it is from the half-burned weed flecks and stammering drum strikes piled on top. Truth be told, it'd be near impossible to notice any beat once Ab-Soul and guests Action Bronson and Asaad are clear for take-off. At one point in his opener, Solo combines iTunes with astigmatism and cracks a stone with his bare hands. "Watch with the Internet alone I enlighten the whole globe," goes one particularly religious-minded line. It's the closest the song gets to corner proselytizing, as the insatiable Bronson is content to go fine-dining and "shredding up the sand dunes." And while Soul and Bronsolino are out in the world, relatively unknown Philly rapper Asaad is cooped up in his house rewriting bars. Considering how high above his weight-class he's punching, the confession is likely true. "A blessing in disguise, nobody knew it was there," is how he paints the picture of himself on a burbling canvas. Work like this is the reason no one in this trio will be unknown.

"Stigmata" may or may not be appearing on These Days... which is slated for a June release.

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