Friday, April 25, 2014

"Attachment"- Hannah Diamond

Listening to Hannah Diamond's latest glittering effort "Attachment" it becomes painfully apparent that the word attachment isn't strong enough to describe her feelings for a former flame. Within the first few lines, the PC Music-group "queen" (as Gorilla vs. Bear describes her) recalls "all the times when we would go to sleep, and you were next to me, and I would see you in my dreams," over crisp drum-hits and an undulating synthesizer. In that intimate setting she's told "we will be together, forever," and even after the dissolution she clings to the promise like the picture saved on her phone. An attachment is something you can unhook yourself from. The dire straits Diamond navigates are best described as "dependency." When Diamond catalogs "all those nice things" said to her, you get this desperate sense that without those words Diamond would be defeated. That her sole contentment comes entirely from someone else. Losing yourself in another person is possible here and it’s perilous.

Though somewhere out amongst the pellucid maze walls, Diamond is able to plot a pathway towards happiness. In the chorus, where the synth movements increase and the drums begin to boom, Diamond admits "I'm on my own" without any reluctance. Whatever doubts caused her to thinly sing before have moved on. In their stead is a subtle boldness. An ability to pronounce past events as "crazy." Eventually, she'll get around to hitting delete on her phone; for now "feeling better really" is more than enough progress.

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