Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's New(s)?

Lykke Li releases new song "Gunshot"

Swedish pop singer Lykke Li's third LP I Never Learn, her follow up to 2011's ruminating Wounded Rhymes, is out next month. Li has previously said the record will conclude a trilogy that began with her debut release Youth Novels in 2008, and that it will be more of a "singer-songwriter record than pop." Li's already released the achingly fragile "No Rest for the Wicked" and the distanced folk-leaning "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone", but her latest effort "Gunshot" might be the most confessional of the three. Over an aquatic drum throb, a reverberated Li chases after a love she knows has Chernobyl levels of toxicity. And still she begs over and over again for that love to come back, if only for a night. If these are kinds of confessions Li's been working on, I Never Learn will be a bitter epilogue to a brilliant trilogy. 

I Never Learn is out May 5 through Lykke Li's LL Recordings imprint. And if that's too long of a wait, "Gunshot" is currently streaming on a specially created site. And if that still isn't enough Li for your liking, the video for "No Rest for the Wicked" is available below.

Hear a recently discovered J Dill track now

Pay Jay, the imprint run by deceased producer J Dilla's family estate, is putting out a new record that rounds up previously unheard efforts from the rap-icon. Entitled Give 'Em What They Want, the EP culls together three separate vocal tracks Dilla laid down in 2001, along with two instrumentals to round out the effort. Today the first of those tracks, the booming title-track, dropped. Co-produced with Supa Dave West, "Give 'Em What They Want" gives a glimpse of a more rugged Dilla than many are used to seeing. But by the end, the brash histrionics shuffle off and a hypnotic, Eastern-tinged instrumental steps in. Proving once again that part of Dilla's appeal is a profound ability to make every permutation of his style a "must-listen."

Give 'Em What They Want drops May 6 and can be purchased through Rap Cats, and tracks from the EP may be featured on the long-lost Dilla album The Diary.

OFF! fight Dave Foley and Brian Posehn played fascists in "Red White and Black"

This has already been an incredible week for music videos. Yesterday not only saw the release of the gut-busting video for Real Estate's "Crime" featuring TV's Andy Daly, but also the Nazi-defying "Red White and Black" by hardcore-punk supergroup OFF! While the song itself moves a million miles faster than Real Estate's loping "Crime", both videos feature a madcap sense of humor. In "Red White and Black", Kids in the Hall star Dave Foley and Mr. Show/Sarah Silverman Show actor Brian Posehn play Nazis nervously preparing for a music gig at a bar. A black biker-gang gets wind of the show and by the end all the Nazi-scum is driven out of the bar. And if brawling black bikers and Nazis portrayed by Foley and Posehn weren't enough, the "Red White and Black" video features cameos from: David Yow (Jesus Lizard), Danny Carey (Tool), Dale Crover (Melvins), and Jack Grisham (TSOL).

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