Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's New(s)?

Arcade Fire cover Blondie's "Heart of Glass"

Arcade Fire have gotten into a terrific habit recently of covering artists that are from the cities their Reflektor tour is stopped over in that night. And though they continued the cover trend last night, the artist had nothing to do with the city they were in. 

Last night while in Houston, Win Butler and company dove into Blondie's stone-cold classic "Heart of Glass". Butler's wife Régine Chassagne handled the task of replicating Deborah Harry's wispy coo, while the rest of the band continued riding the disco/funk train they've been on since Reflektor dropped back in October. While Chassagne's voice doesn't possess the same sort of beguiling calm as Harry's, it's still impactful and well worth hearing.

Killer Mike & the Alchemist appear on The Boondocks Mixtape

Given the career he's had, Atlanta's Killer Mike might just be the "ballot in your box, the bullet in the gun," that Asheru raps about in The Boondocks theme-song, so it's only appropriate he'd appear on the upcoming soundtrack for the show's fourth season.

Released in tandem with the Alchemist, "The Boonies" rides a lurching beat sifted from the apocalyptic rubble Run the Jewels left behind. Mike is as agitated as ever on the track; reflecting on time lost to warrants and wayward family members with equal derision. And though the Alchemist finds breathing room for aquatic funk guitars, they sound like they're drowning right along with Mike. If there's an "inner-glow" to be found, you have to look hard.

The Boondocks fourth season arrives April 21 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block (without creator Aaron McGruder) and The Boondocks Mixtape, which also features:
Smoke DZA, Lil Herb, Chevy Woods, Roscoe Dash, and more drops April 16.

Jamie xx shares the video for "Sleep Sounds"

Jamie xx's sublime "Sleep Sound" relies on a tremendous amount of silence to create tension, but nothing could be as silent or hypnotically tense as the Sofia Mattioli-directed video that's been released for the track. In the clip, Mattoli incorporates a dozen members of the Manchester Deaf Centre who range from age five to 27 to dance along to the track. And though they are unable to hear the faint hearts or the "oohing" vocal samples, they still manage to find a workable harmony with the music. Proving that there's more than just sound to how we experience a song.

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