Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Draft Day"- Drake

Leave it to Drake to get a beat that samples Lauryn Hill's iconic "Doo Wop (That Thing)" and not say word one about it. He big ups Johnny Football, tips a cap to fellow Toronto-native Andrew Wiggins, crushes on Jennifer Lawrence, and even namechecks Chance the Rapper without knowing the first thing about him. But the former Fugees-member is conspicuously absent from his checklist. "They too worried 'bout b****es and fashion, they go missing in action, and then you never notice they missing," he rattles off over the shifting vocal sample and a sonorous drum-machine, knowing full there's someone he's missing.

But that one oversight becomes relatively minor when you can accept "Draft Day" for what it is, a terrific piece of braggadocio from October's Very Own. If Nothing Was the Same-cut "Started from the Bottom" was the arrival-announcement, then "Draft Day" is the all-out celebration that swiftly follows. The type of party where "brunch with some Qatar royals" serves as an appetizer. A full-blown bash where raw oysters are commonplace and someone's on dessert duty if you happen to have a sweet-tooth. But instead of dwelling on any opulent detail for too long, Drizzy cycles through at least "eight flows." All of the riches are a terrific reward, though he's far more concerned with procedure. While The Fam's soulful beat booms through a luxury-suite living room, Drake is cooped up in a side-room working on his art. "You know I had to do it for ya," he repeatedly insists in the intro. For all the individuals he addresses in "Draft Day" that declaration is aimed at himself.

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