Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Do It Again"- Robyn and Röyksopp

As a "First Listen" on the PopOnAndOn site, Swedish dance-pop singer Robyn's collaborative work "Do It Again" with Norwegian electronic-duo Röyksopp is also filed in the "perfect pop" category. Which on first take feels like a lofty proclamation. By bandying about the phrase "perfect pop" you're setting yourself up for a massive uphill-battle from the word "go." In issuing that decree, you're saying that there isn't a visible stitch or seam. “Perfect pop” means that every piece of the puzzle snaps together with relative ease.

Without being hyperbolic, "Do It Again" skirts near "perfect pop." The title-track to the pairing's upcoming EP; "Do It Again" is a dancefloor burner that leaves no one unscathed. When the word "pulsating" comes up in discussing dance tracks, "Do It Again" is the sort of track that should be described. Every bass hit and mechanized ripple supplied by Röyksopp feels primed to leap out of a chest cavity. With the shifting electronic bed they provide, there's never time to rest up. When a ripple stills itself, a dense cloud of synthesizers comes out to soak you. By continuously transitioning, there's no time to find a wrinkle in the fabric (not that one exists).

And instead of running out of breath from trying to keep up, Robyn is remarkably comfortable in this environment. "As soon as it’s done, we'll just do it again," she coolly sings. For her, the challenge of keeping it up isn't something to fear, but a thing to relish. Like Romanthony on "One More Time" she's begging for another shot to lose control. She’s praying to forget the "moment before" and the moment after. The chance will come again, as long as you're willing to wait for the buildup.

(You can hear "Do It Again" here now, courtesy of PopOnAndOn, along with "Every Little Thing". The EP is out 5/26 on Dog Triumph through Wall Of Sound/Cooking Vinyl.)

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