Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What's New(s)?

The Breeders are working on first new material in 5 years

Pixies be damned. Breeders co-founder and bassist Kim Deal doesn't need her former bandmates to continue making new music. Last year she and the rest of the Breeders (Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson) went on a well-received 20th anniversary tour for the game-changing Last Splash. And now with the tour wrapped up, that current lineup is in the studio's working on the first new Breeders's music since 2009's Fate to Fatal EP. 

Talking to Stereogum, Kim Deal says the band is " down in the basement recording and the songs are sounding good." To Deal, the recordings are what need to be done because as she freely admits "This is what I like to do. I like to record and play songs." The band recordings closely follow Deal's own work under the "Kim Deal Solo Series", which has seen the release of ghostly "Walking with a Killer" among other singles. No word yet on when the Breeders material will be released, but here's hoping it's nowhere near the legacy-killer Indie Cindy is.

Future meets Future Islands in a new Hood Internet mashup

It had to happen at some point right? Considering they share part of a name it was inevitable that ATLien Future and Baltimore-trio Future Islands would link up at some point, but its still jarring to hear that meeting unfold. Quite honestly, hearing anything laid over Future Islands now-viral "Seasons (Waiting On You)" would be jarring.
For my own money it's the song of the spring, a piece of inescapable synth-rock that you wouldn't want to run away from if you could. The guitars blissfully hum along, the synths wriggle with crystal-clear clarity, and Samuel T. Herring's unmistakable vocals manage to sound giddy even while he's growing tired of someone else to grow up. There's seemingly nothing that could make the track more joyous.

Save of course for Future's Auto-Tuned hiccup from "Honest", which Chicago mashup group the Hood Internet liberally slather over "Seasons"' bright instrumental-bed. Though it still thrashes like a blind ghost-in-the-machine, his voice manages to find the heart and soul of the track with ease. It alights on the pinging synths and bass gulps as if it had been with them since the beginning. Put simply: it's a near-perfect fit and deserves to be heard.

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