Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"MT. Olympus"- Big K.R.I.T.

A "diss" is how Consequence of Sound describes Big K.R.I.T.'s "MT. Olympus". They're not alone in the description either. A cursory glance at "MT. Olympus" mentions on Twitter reveals plenty of people who've had the wool pulled over their eyes. Somehow because K.R.I.T. calls the famed "Control" beat a beat that "an ugly b**** that everybody done f***ed raw," everyone assumes he's going for Kendrick Lamar's head. The hip-hop community is lousy with this mentality. A mere mention of another rapper, that isn't 100% glowing, will be seen as an insult by those listening. People become subliminal attack experts and are able to make proverbial mountains out of molehills.

There's nothing "subliminal" about K.R.I.T.'s booming new self-produced effort. Over near-Gothic incantations and echoing piano, Krizzle immediately establishes who he's at odds with. The battle lines aren't draw between K.R.I.T. and other rappers, but K.R.I.T. and an indecisive audience. One moment they want something real, the next they're clamoring for "radio." Hearing the Meridian, MS-native tell it in the chorus, you can hear the frustration in his voice. Not simply because he snarls "f*** them n*****," but because it sounds like it’s done through clinched teeth. 

The same crowd is incredulous that K.R.I.T. could've "made the beat" and "mixed the track." Any direction he heads in is the wrong way. Even if he ascends to Rap-God status, he won't be put in the same pantheon as rappers from the East-Coast and West-Coast. "You tellin' me I can be King of Hip-Hop, and they wouldn't give it to Andre 3000?" he demands as the heavy drum hits back out entirely. A kingdom's hard to claim, especially when no one's willing to recognize your sovereignty.

Cadillactica is out some time this fall through Def Jam.

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