Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Home Studio (Back Up In This B****)"- Chance the Rapper

(From: Freshness Mag)
How is it even possible for someone to be so unswervingly giddy in a song? It's a common question I ask myself anytime I come across one of Chance the Rapper's sun-soaked celebratory tracks. Not every moment on last year's stellar Acid Rap tape was rife with unmitigated joy, but when a song was upbeat in the slightest it was the rap equivalent of "walking on sunshine."

Released early this morning through his Twitter account, "Home Studio (Back Up In This B****)" continues the sunny traipsing act. Courtesy of The Social Experiment, the beat employs a warm synth-organ that's quickly joined by noodling soul guitar and steady drum-pats. It's the sort of instrumental you could put on repeat and easily nod off to, not intrusive in the least. But when Chance's vocals are appended to it, there's no way you could catch any amount of z's. While it's now meant to describe engaging on Twitter, the verb "twittering" is a near-perfect descriptor of his rap style. He's harried, but focused. One second he's bizarrely riffing on Yogi bear before offering the sagely advice "just don't catch your sheep before they hatch." Even when his voice is strained, his mind can deliver the detail-laden "in a '04 Ford Taurus on a spare with a wax finish." No matter how wide-eyed Chance gets, he'll never lose his masterful eye for detail.

There's no album attached to "Home Studio" yet, but a new Chance release would be a wonderful thing.

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