Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Tame Impala releasing live EP

Record Store Day
has become a virtual holiday for music fans in the last few years. With long lines and short supplies of must-have items, it's Christmas for people who lack holiday cheer. One band helping ring in that cheer this year is Australian psych-rock outfit Tame Impala. On April 19th, the Kevin Parker fronted group will release Live Versions, an EP of live tracks recorded during a 2013 show in Chicago. According to Parker, songs were included based on "how different the live versions are from the album version." 

Below you'll find a tracklist of those "different" live versions, along with the video for Tame Impala's "Mind Mischief" which made AllFreshSounds' list of the "Top 10 Music Videos of 2013." 

Live Versions:
1. "Endors Toi
2. "Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind"
3. "Sestri Levante"
4. "Mind Mischief"
5. "Desire Be Desire Go"
6. "Half Full Glass"
7. "Be Above It"
8. "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

Chance the Rapper/James Blake releases alternate version of "Life Round Here"

On no uncertain terms, the "Life Round Here" remix pairing Chicago spitballer Chance the Rapper and post-dubstep/R&B artist James Blake together was one of the great music triumphs in 2013. On paper what seemed like a mess of styles played out as a meeting of two old acquaintances. Chance hopscotched into Blake's sullen landscape at just the right moment, imbuing it with a melange of bright colors. 

Yesterday, Chance shared "Save Yourself First", the long-promised second remix of "Life Round Here". While the first remix was an eye-popping arrays of color, "Save Yourself First" drifts back to weary black-and-white of the original. Chance doesn't even try his hand at right, instead he depressingly bleats, yelps, and generally moans over a disembodied Blake vocal. It's an engaging listen to be sure, but there isn't much "life" to be found.

Blake and Chance were reported to be rooming together in Los Angeles and are supposedly working on a full album together.

Neil Young delays reissue of Time Fades Away boxset

Time Fades Away
is the great lost Neil Young album. Albeit not in the same sense that Toast or Homegrown is a "lost Neil Young album." Both of those efforts never saw the light of day. They were scrapped at various stages, Homegrown very near the last minute, and their tracks were siphoned for future records.

Time Fades Away meanwhile was actually released. It dropped in 1973 and kickstarted Young's famed "Ditch Trilogy", a challenging collection of records that upended the sunny folk that had made Harvest a run-away hit. And though it was the catalyst for two of Young's greatest works, he never felt much fondness for the release. Over the years he's repeatedly called it "the worst record I ever made" and it's one of two albums (along with Journey Through the Past) that Young has never re-released. 

That egregious error was set to be corrected this year with the issuing of Official Release Series Discs 5-8 Vinyl Box Set. The latest in the Archives Series would not only include Time Fades Away, but fellow "Ditch Brethren" On the Beach and Tonight's the Night as well as Zuma. Now that April 19 release date has been shuffled to an unspecified date in November. According to Pitchfork's reporting, a press release claims the move was made, "due to several other projects that Young has in the works that he wishes to focus on." The massive Pono Music project is certainly one of those works, not to mention a new album released by Jack White's Third Man Records and another memoir. 

Whenever the boxset does arrive via Warner Bros. it will be limited to 3500 copies and the individual albums will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl. While you wait for that unforeseen date enjoy a clip of "The Bridge", the penultimate track from Time Fades Away.

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