Friday, March 7, 2014

What's New(s)?

Panda Bear gets high on new release

Anyone that's heard Panda Bear's monolithic 2007 release Person Pitch has undoubtedly felt like they're on drugs. Echoed vocals and sampled chatter would loop endlessly like a perpetually cresting wave. Getting caught up in the pure auditory spectacle of it all was as simple as letting go. 

"Marijuana Makes My Day" is a logical continuance of that detached, druggy feeling. Soft humming and chants that wouldn't be out of place on the savannas of Africa fill the background. Bubbles of water can be heard floating to the surface and immediately popping. For his part, Panda Bear repeatedly mutters the titular phrase to the point of it becoming a mantra. The first time I heard it unfurl, I pictured Paul Simon's Graceland fed acid and thrown to the bottom of a crystal-blue lake. Whatever vision it generates, it's a powerful one.

The Animal Collective drummer is working on a new album to be released this year, entitled Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper.


Bikini Kill reissues continue

Last year to honor their 25th anniversary, Bikini Kill, the most well-known band of the riot grrrl movement announced a series of reissues through the recently established Bikini Kill Records. In addition to releasing their discography through Bandcamp, the Kathleen Hanna fronted group reissued their debut self-titled EP in November to warm-reception.
Next up in the series is, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, the group's 1993 split effort with British riot grrl act Huggy Bear. The expanded edition of the LP will feature seven new live tracks, in addition to unearthed photos and liner notes from the band members themselves. You can find the tracklist below along with a clip for 1993's "Rebel Girl" from the Pussywhipped LP.
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah:
1. "White Boy"
2. "This Is Not A Test"
3. "Don’t Need You"
4. "Jigsaw Youth"
5. "Resist Psychic Death"
6. "Rebel Girl"
7. "Outta Me"
8. "George Bush Is A Pig
9. "I Busted In Your Chevy Window
10. "Get Out
11. "Why"
12. "Fuck Twin Peaks"
13. "Girl Soldier"
14. "Not Right Now"

Rick Ross, Kanye West, & Big Sean get "Sanctified" on Arsenio

Regardless of the middling album it comes from, Mastermind centerpiece "Sanctified" is an absolute embarrassment of riches. DJ Mustard's 'Ye-inspired soul beat, Rick Ross' beautifully restrained bark, Kanye's rabid Quavo-aping flow, and Big Sean's pinging paper-chase chorus all blend together so well you can't help but wonder how much editing time was committed to this effort.
Last night any studio-tinkering was forgone for an absolute showstopping performance on Arsenio. After a long absence from late-night, Kanye has seemingly been everywhere in the last few weeks and months, and that is firmly felt in the clip. The entire crowd goes next-level crazy when West comes giddily running out on-stage. From that point forward, everything becomes icing on an extremely rich cake.


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