Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"What Is Love"- Janelle Monáe

To let you all down gently, no this isn't a take on Haddaway's guiltiest of music pleasures
"What Is Love?" When I first saw this posted on another site, I thought the exact same thing. In my mind I was already imagining the Electric Lady effortlessly gliding all over the track, giving it a soul that was lost under the bright lights of the original.

While that's not at all what we get, Monáe's "What Is Love" from the upcoming Rio 2 is equally as catchy. You'd expect a track from a kids movie set in a tropical paradise to be incredibly colorful and hook-laden and with "What Is Love" you'd be exactly right. Guitars are strummed in quick succession, teasing out riffs with just the right amount of bite. Drums dance in circles. A synthesizer scatters across a golden beach. Full crowds occasionally join in to intone "this is a crazy love," forming the world's most upbeat beach-party in the process. For her part Monáe is head over heels in love.  She gleefully lilts on almost every line and wonders aloud "what good is love, if it's not your love?" Based on the high everyone is on, it's a question she'll never have to answer. 

The Rio 2 soundtrack is out March 25th.


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