Friday, August 1, 2014

"Spooners"- Diarrhea Planet

The consistent word on the blissfully raucous punk sextet Diarrhea Planet is that live they're a must-see, can't miss act. Pitchfork's Jayson Greene went so far as to say, "I simply cannot stress this enough: if Diarrhea Planet are playing in a 100-mile radius of where you are sitting, go there." Scatological names be damned, Diarrhea Planet's assaultive guitar approach demands your attention. This is a band you need in your life.

Of course their shirtless, sweat-drenched, wall-scaling live shows wouldn't be nearly as captivating if the music wasn't equally compelling. New single "Spooners," the latest entry into the well-curated Adult Swim Singles series proves why the Nashville group is worth your time. Casey Weissbuch's drums charge out of the gate with equal parts precision and slop. A guitar part supplied by one of their four, YES FOUR, guitar players hostilely flits in and out of the background like "Eye of the Tiger"'s famous figure. It's the sound of a troublemaker laying back, knowing a fight is about to erupt. And before you can count down from 10, "violence" explodes with the roar of "they're coming up!!" Rather than incite a riot though, the moment provides a terrific excuse to pump your fist and scream along. Unlike other self-serious punk/emo bands crowding the market in 2014, Diarrhea Planet has a sense of humor and it shows in the fake out ending they employ in "Spooners." After two pummeling minutes they fall into a deafening silence, leading you to believe that's all you'll be getting. Live I can imagine the smile on Weissbuch's face as he sits calmly behind the kit, waiting to launch phase two where the song decays into winding solos and feedback. Whatever venue they choose, Diarrhea Planets can't help but have fun.

"Spooners" is available for download Monday on the Adult Swim Singles page.

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